Welcome to Miss Book Eater’s blog

The name says everything really, I eat books… only this year I have already read 25 books… not bad going if I say so myself.
I’m a sucker for Paranormal Romance, I can completely leave the current world and merge with the world I’m reading. I love and cry with them and occasionally want to shout at the characters too. Merge myself with this world with characters who are nothing like me, but sometimes you can’t beat a strong Alpha Male and a heroine who’s brave beyond words. Yes sometimes the characters get annoying, but in the end they all have their HEA.

Let me firstly now introduce you to my two companions while reading my books… One is a cuppa tea, preferably from my Amsterdam mug. And my beloved Kindle with the Dutch flag on it. I love my heritage; I moved from Amsterdam to the UK 6 years ago and love both countries.


Some Young Adult novels I like as well, such as Vampire Academy, Bloodlines, The Hunger Games and Divergent. I used to read loads more Young Adult books in the past, I guess for me it was the transition from reading Dutch books, to reading English books. I now almost read at the same speed in English and Dutch, so I accomplished my goal haha 🙂

I hope you enjoy reading this blog just as much as I’m enjoying writing it. Talking about my books I’ve read, I want to read and future releases.
Starting a blog can be daunting, but it will be worth it for me.


Love Charlie