Book series I love – Vampire Academy and Bloodlines

There are many book series I love immense, you might be better off saying I have an addiction in reading them. I am pretty sure my dear husband can vouch for this haha. I will post a couple of series over the course of a couple of weeks as I have a few.
Let me start with two of my favourite ones, I absolutely adore these and read them over and over again, especially when I’m in need of a light easy read. It’s like reading about friends and being surrounded by friends. Richelle Mead has done a superb job with the below series. Can’t wait for the two remaining books to come out.

  1. Vampire Academy – This is a fantastic feel good young adult romance series I absolutely adore. This is a series I keep reading over and over again especially when I’m not well. This is a book series of 6 books and is about Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir. Rose is Lissa’s guardian, it’s a book based on friendship and love. I’m not sure what is the best way to describe the series in a couple of sentences but I hope this helps; taken from the official Vampire Academy website:

    Two races of vampires walk our world. One, the Moroi, are alive and wield elemental magical. The other, the Strigoi, are undead and evil—feeding on the innocent to survive. Rose Hathaway—a half-vampire with poor impulse control—is training to be a bodyguard for a Moroi princess. Learning to decapitate and stake is hard enough, but Rose’s real danger may lie in an illicit romance with one of her instructors…
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