Reading at work

Today I asked my manager if we could make today a ‘let-Charlie-read-her-Kindle-at-work-all-day’ day. Unfortunately he declined my superb idea and he laughed at me… laughed at me…! How dare he, doesn’t he understand that I’m in a middle of a battle between good and evil? That my Carpathian is on the brink of finding his lifemate? That reading about a fiery red dragon is just as important as my daily work?
I begged, I pleaded… but to no avail. Managers just don’t understand! ^_^

Does anyone else experience this as well? That you just want to sit at your desk at work and open your kindle and drift away, in my case into the Carpathian Mountains? He did praise me; he said it was a nice try haha. Oh well, I tried. Maybe we can make it a national day? Bring your book/kindle to work day, or a bring your book/kindle to work day and read whilst doing your job.

I had to try, I will now just stick to my lunchbreaks and in mornings, I hope to change his mind someday. ^_^