Book Clutch – DIY!

My subscription copy of Mollie Makes Magazine fell on the doormat this week and yesterday I finally had the time to sit down with a cup of tea and go through this months magazine, tagging pages I want to make, tagging pages with interesting images and then my eye fell on a few pages…. a tutorial on how to make your own bookclutch… A clutch made with a hardcover book!

Yes…. At first I thought… Noooo! I can’t do that to my books, they are precious… I can just cut out the pages and add fabric and make a unique clutch out of it! I was so confused, yes for a good idea and no for basically ripping the content out… what to do!
After reading the interview with Chick Lit Designs (who has got their own Etsy shop: ) I was converted. Michelle Wolett of Chick Lit Designs is a bookworm too, just like me ^_^ Yaaaay! So at least I know this clutch and book has been made and handled by with love! pfew, I was getting worried there I have to say.

Wuthering Heights clutch

TFIOS clutch

Above are just two examples from their lovely Etsy Shop: Chick Lit Designs

It definitely gives me an idea to make, I will probably will stroll around 2nd hand shops or book markets and find a nice hardcover, some fitting fabric and start on the tutorial in Mollie Makes Magazine

So would you make something like this? Would you be able to cut out the content of the book? In principle the content stays intact and you can still read it, maybe you can create your own cover to cover up the content? Hmmm… who knows! I will definitely be making one.

To be continued….


2 thoughts on “Book Clutch – DIY!

  1. Oh, such a nice idea! And hmmzz yes the idea of cutting a book that’s perfectly well and all is a bit uh..feels a bit “not right”. But it’s such a cool DIY thing to do!
    I would do it too. I’m really curious to your results! Greets and hugs, Mijntje.


    • Yeah it’s the ‘not right’ feeling I have by mutilating a book… but we will see. I will pop to a charity shop and get myself one and start making it. Thanks x


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