Book Review: Shadowfever (Fever #5) – Karen Marie Moning

Shadowfever is book 5 in the fever series by Karen Marie Moning. As always with this series, I would highly recommend you start reading this from book 1, Darkfever, as it would otherwise not make sense.

sfweb “Evil is a completely different creature, Mac.
Evil is bad that believes it’s good.”

MacKayla Lane was just a child when she and her sister, Alina were given up for adoption and banished from Ireland forever.
Twenty years later, Alina is dead and Mac has returned to the country that expelled them to hunt her sister’s murderer. But after discovering that she descends from a bloodline both gifted and cursed, Mac is plunged into a secret history: an ancient conflict between humans and immortals that have lived concealed among us for thousands of years.

What follows is a shocking chain of events with devastating consequences, and now Mac struggles to cope with grief, while continuing her mission to acquire and control the Sinsar Dubh–a book of dark, forbidden magic scribed by the mythical Unseelie King that contains the power to create and destroy worlds.

In an epic battle between humans and Fae, the hunter becomes the hunted when the Sinsar Dubh turns on Mac, and begins mowing a deadly path through those she loves.
Who can she turn to? Who can she trust? Who is the woman that haunts her dreams? More importantly, who is Mac and what is the destiny she glimpses in the black and crimson designs of an ancient tarot card?

From the luxury of the Lord Master’s penthouse, to the sordid depths of an Unseelie nightclub, from the erotic bed of her lover, to the terrifying bed of the Unseelie King, Mac’s journey will force her to face the truth of her exile, and make a choice that will either save the world…or destroy it.

My thoughts:
Wow, wow… Writing this review took me a few days after I finished it and I still can’t seem to form words… At least without giving to much spoilers or sound like a teenager with a crush on a book – Yes that’s right! I don’t want to squeal or write nothing more than OMG OMG or I LOVE YOU BARRONS AND MAC! but yeah let’s just try to put this in words.

Poor poor Mac to begin with, she figures out (too late) who the beast is who urinated circles around her body and collected her forgotten things like her backpack… But then you have to sometimes trust the one who says IYCGM… Let’s just say the mobile phone works: JB – IYCGM and IYD. Mac’s personal beast who protects her, how sweet! But she has no time to grief as the LM or Darroc is on her heels with 2 unseelie princes. But she has a cunning plan, knowing Mac, and she puts that into plan and decides to team up with Darroc.
They do find the Unseelie Kings White House and it is huge and amazing and Mac’s inner struggle to find out who she is is quite funny, Alina’s sister – The Unseelie King himself – his concubine or is it just Mac? Wait and you will find out, so will Mac.

This book takes you on a rollercoaster and is very cleverly written, there are bits in the book where you don’t figure out (or at least me..) till halfway through the part if it’s real or not real… is this happening this situation or is it an illusion? Mac is clever and will figure it out.

V’Lane… oh V’lane… you bastard! that’s all I’ve got to say on this matter…

Dreamy-eyed Boy makes an appearance – quite interesting appearance. Mac also bumps into Christian MacKelter. What will happen to him remains to be seen. Mac wanted to help by keep him alive with him eating unseelie, but it might have the complete wrong effect on him than they both wanted.

Dani is herself and we find things out about Dani but everything has it’s reasons and this one Rowena is heavily involved with. Rowena can do one as well, I have never liked her from the beginning and I suddenly understand why… ugh!

And that brings us to Mac and Barrons *sigh* that is a complete and utter happy sigh. Once again Barrons is not the ultimate hero or anything and lets Mac figure things out on herself. But I think everyone needs a Barrons in their life ^_^ Oh and the bookshop of course!

Loved the ending, love love love it! (ok ok here is my teeny weeny bit of squealing hehe)

After Fever series, there is a Dani trilogy – but that is also part of the Fever series. Which means the Fever series will consists of 10 books! *Does a happy dance*

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