My love for the library and Charity shops

Ok ok, you can’t keep the books you get from the library, but they do have some good sales on from older books which you can buy for a fraction of the price!


Let me start from the beginning, I have re-discovered the library. Especially when I discovered the Hampshire County Library has got online ebooks and audiobooks you can borrow, so double YAY!

I have downloaded/lend an audiobook from Christine Feehan and I can listen to it via an app on my phone called Overdrive. You link yourself with your library and put in your library card number and voila you’re in and ready to borrow.
You have a limit of 5 audiobooks a month, but I don’t get that far maybe 1 or 2 a month. And it’s cheaper than audible – yes on Audible you get the latest, and you get to keep them… but I mean, I’m listening to them for free…! And if I really like it, I will probably buy them in the end.

I haven’t tried out the ebooks yet, but guess they come in the format you need them for whatever device you have. And yes you don’t get to keep them, but in the long run it will save you money and again… once I like it I probably end up buying the book anyways..!

Now I know going to Charity shops and Carboot sales isn’t really categorised as cheap books – but you can find some real cheap gems in there! I always go on a weekly basis to all the charity shops here in town (not a big town…) and I bought My Sister’s Keeper for 99p – well you can’t go wrong with that right?
I also go in there to find nice looking hardbacks to actually make a book clutch out of. Unfortunately I haven’t found a nice hardback to try yet. But once that comes, there will be a post on this.

So go to your library and see what they can do for you, what they have online and what sort of books they have in stock. I’m pretty sure if you request a book they might be able to get that in for you.

Have you been to the library lately? Are you a member of one? Or do you prefer to avoid them for whatever reason? Let me know in the comments below!



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