My second hand shop book haul

Yes, I’ve been book hunting again in the YMCA shop and bought quite an impressive book haul even if I say so myself ^_^ Check it out!


And this is in my haul:
* The Book of Hints and Wrinkles
* Charlotte’s Web
* Anna Karenina
* Anime Studio

The Book of Hints and Wrinkles

Well I can never leave a book like this in a Charity shop really, I am immediately drawn to it and I have to have it!


This is such a cute and hilarious book – I have researched this book online and this is a c 1939 copy (Copyright G939) from Odhams Watford publishers.
It has such funny chapters in it e.g. how many handkerchiefs the Housewife should have ^_^. It also covers: Clothing hints for men, The Family (how to prepare for a baby), Kitchen Management and Catering which includes: Kitchen equipment, Essentials of good cookery, The scullery and washing up etc.

Charlotte’s Web

wpid-20140621_144854.jpg I have never read this book nor have I seen the film – but I always wanted to and the charity shop had this for 99p! And what I love about treasures from the charity shop – someone has written their name in it, I love that. This book has been clearly loved and now passed on. It will have a prominent space in the bookcase as I really love the cover as well.


Anna Karenina

wpid-20140621_144911.jpg I’ve always wanted to read this book and own it, and I really couldn’t leave it at the Charity shop as it was only 49p.

Anime Studio – The Official Guide

wpid-20140621_144922.jpg Well what can I say, the hubby really wanted this so I bought it for him ^_^

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