Promo Post: Evolution of Angels – Nathan Wall

I have been wanting to write a review for Nathan Wall’s awesome book: Evolution of Angels. But due to unforeseen circumstances I haven’t been able to get this done yet – so this review is still coming up! I’m only in a couple of chapters but it has already captured my full attention. I love reading about Angels ^^
He also made me promise to read the About the Author section at the back of the book – I am curious about this as it is an after credits scene, you know as in the movies? I can’t wait to read that part as well ^

But I have the awesome cover for you… Check this out! What do you think?

New cover with text



“Your enemies will outnumber you. Your armor will define you.”

A second war in heaven is sparked by the actions of Azrael: the Arch-Angel of death. After his banishment, Angels all over existence flee to earth, masquerading as gods. Hints of their genetic code-and the unlocked powers therein-live on through the millennia, hidden in the bloodlines of their descendants.

Best friends, army Rangers Jarrod and Austin, are invited by a secret agency to participate in a program that would make them the ultimate weapons. The “Double-Helix,” which unlocks hidden abilities in the Angels’ human-born descendants, is not without its consequences. Participants will no longer be themselves, that is, until a familiar face returns in human form.

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You can buy it for your kindle via Amazon UK or Or for your Kobo

Nathan also send me this awesome art, I absolutely loved it!
design VI

He also got permission to use lyrics from the song “SuperMegaDubstep” by the band “Ra” as an Epigraph before the start of the Novel.
Here is the Epigraph:
“Whatever you say, Whatever you think
You will never understand why we became extinct…
Now that time has told the truth, the sun goes down.”

I am absolutely loving this book so far, have you read it? If so what you think about it?

I hope to finish the book soon and post a review ^_^


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