Ninja Summer Book Swap

Yes indeed a Ninja Summer Book Swap! What is that I can hear you say? Well I didn’t had a clue till a couple of months ago when I stumbled upon this hashtag on Twitter just after Valentines day. People were posting their lovely parcels they received and sent and I thought I really want to participate in it this time!


So I signed up to send 2 parcels, 1 internationally and 1 in the UK – I ended up sending the internationally one to the USA, I loved doing this. For people who know me, I love wrapping parcels, gifts and anything and I love tape – in every size, shape, colour it doesn’t matter. So I went to stroll through their wishlists (I ended up putting things onto my wishlist too haha) and decided on the books. I also bought some nice little gifts, some sweeties and a card. I am waffling on now..! But more info on the Ninka Book Swap can be found here.

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