Ninja Summer Book Swap

Yes indeed a Ninja Summer Book Swap! What is that I can hear you say? Well I didn’t had a clue till a couple of months ago when I stumbled upon this hashtag on Twitter just after Valentines day. People were posting their lovely parcels they received and sent and I thought I really want to participate in it this time!


So I signed up to send 2 parcels, 1 internationally and 1 in the UK – I ended up sending the internationally one to the USA, I loved doing this. For people who know me, I love wrapping parcels, gifts and anything and I love tape – in every size, shape, colour it doesn’t matter. So I went to stroll through their wishlists (I ended up putting things onto my wishlist too haha) and decided on the books. I also bought some nice little gifts, some sweeties and a card. I am waffling on now..! But more info on the Ninka Book Swap can be found here.

And you know what the other fun part is of participating in this swap and buying, wrapping and sending your parcel? Is receiving one! Yippie! Last Saturday I picked up my parcel from the post office and look! The outside already looked so pretty ^_^



wpid-20140628_142124.jpgAnd here I got really excited, what did my book swap partner had bought for me?


Look how pretty!! She has spoiled me loads! Thanks again to Margaret who runs an awesome blog called Bleach House Library. Sooo what was in my parcel??

  • Love, Nina – This was on my wishlist for as long as the book got released, I saw it in Waterstones and loved it instantly!
  • Wormwood Gate – This was an absolute surprise as it wasn’t on my wishlist, but it is an Urban Fantasy in Ireland – I love it already ^_^
  • Some lovely pencils, with cats and dogs on them (already in use!!)
  • Some lovely and gorgeous book buttons – they are already pinned on my  book bag haha
  • Very yummy liquorice toffee (Bag is empty already *giggles*)
  • And a lovely lovely card!

So thank you very much for this awesome Ninja book swap parcel!

Have I made you curious about Ninja Book Swap? Don’t hesitate to participate – it is worldwide so hop on Twitter or click on their website and sign up!
Have you already participated in a Book Swap? Let me know in the comments below!




2 thoughts on “Ninja Summer Book Swap

  1. Love this! We totally have this in the Netherlands as well, i’m thinking of joining in on the fun of sharing. Here it is on: i love the ideas. I wish you much fun. I think im more the type of leaving a book on a park bench or something. Hugs, veel leesplezierrrrrrr liefs, Moi


    • Ah cool thanks for the link Mijntje, I just had a look on there and there arent many books available to ‘find’ in my area. Although I would love to find one.
      I will stick to sending parcels twice a year for now ^_^ as I can buy them something they would like as it is on their wishlist ^_^
      Let me know when you do bookcrossing, I am quite curious! xx


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