Computer problems

...think My first non-book related post…! I was planning on doing a weekly post, only then about more… I don’t know… more cheerful subjects then talking about computer problems.

How many times do we, I know I do, take computers for granted? You come home from work or the school run and you just going to check quickly your email. Or just quickly read another blogpost from a blog you follow. So so easy, especially when you actually run a blog. You write your posts in advanced, well sometimes… (Good lesson for me here..!!) and can sit hours behind your computer writing several reviews because you’ve read too much and haven’t been able to do a review because of a book hanger (Happens a lot lately) or insert any other ‘excuse’.
Well let’s just say I just discovered how lost I feel without a computer, or MY computer really. My beautiful Pink with Blue LED lights (yes people!) has given up on me! It did POOF and now with a new PSU it still doesn’t do anything Sad Face
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