Blog Tour & Review: The Destroyer – Warren Murphy

Welcome at the Blog Tour and Review of The Destroyed by Warren Murphy!

The Destroyer badge

I was quite privileged to have received this copy to review a few months ago and it was a pleasure reading it! Read below the Blurp and of course my review, enjoy ^_^

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Created, The Destroyer – Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir
Published: 21/08/2014
Genre: Adventure, Conspiracy, Crime Fiction, International, Thriller

9780751557978 Sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit, ex-cop Remo Williams is rescued from the electric chair at the eleventh hour and recruited by a secret government organisation named CURE. From this moment, he ceases to officially exist.From now on, he will be an assassin, targeting criminals who are beyond the law. Remo’s trainer is a grouchy old Korean named Chiun, whose mastery of the terrifyingly powerful martial art of Sinanju makes him the deadliest man alive.Together Remo and Chiun set forth on their epic, impossible mission to vanquish every enemy of democracy – every bad guy who thinks they can escape justice.
This is a new era in man’s fight against the forces of evil.

This is the time of the Destroyer.

Breathlessly action-packed and boasting a winning combination of thrills, humour and mysticism, the Destroyer is one of the bestselling series of all time.



My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this first part of this series, how The Destroyer was created and how it was all set up from the beginning and him coming to terms that someone else had decided his course of life. I got sucked into this story quite quickly and while I was reading this, some of my friends became interested in it as well and I think I have convinced them to pick up a copy!

Following Remo from the possibility of having his last few minutes to being saved from an inch of his life really had me on my seat! Then to follow his transition from being a cop to being a somebody who will be invincible in a strange world. I really really loved following Remo. I wanted him to survive and do well and find his feet within CURE, as to the outside world he’s still killed off in the chair.

A very light and fun read with lots of humour in it as well.

I can highly recommend this series! ^_^


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