Review: It Girl – Nic Tatano

IT GirlIt Girl – Nic Tatano
Publisher: Harper Impulse
Release date: 26 June 2014
Source: I received this book for review from HarperCollins UK, HarperImpulse via Netgalley
Buy: Amazon UK, Kobo

Veronica Summer is stuck in the dream job from hell.

The spunky New York reporter is offered the network’s morning anchor position, but she doesn’t want it because she’s a night person. Then the network plays a trump card, promising her the evening anchor chair in three years. So the fiery redhead takes the plunge, with the ultimate gig waiting down the road.

Problem is, that road is filled with two am wake-up calls and the only social life she has is one with bats and raccoons. She quickly realizes she’ll never survive the grind and decides the only way out is to get fired by being her snarky self on live television.

And the ratings skyrocket.

Veronica becomes the nation’s It Girl, so the network makes her a celebrity contestant on its most popular nighttime dance competition show, Dance Off. While her journalistic credibility is shot to hell by the show’s skimpy costumes, she’s thrown into close contact with two incredibly attractive men; her dance partner and the show’s sarcastic British judge.

And she soon discovers that love is the ultimate gig.

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My Thoughts

Nic Tatano is becoming one of my favourite authors for chicklit books – this book had me in stitches and I love the strong heroines! Especially the fiery spitfire redheads ^_^
I literally dropped all housework for the day to read this book in one sitting, I just had to!

This had me follow Veronica Summer the next It Girl – I loved her, sometimes she was too much, but that is her trade and I forgave her! I liked the chemistry she had with her best friend Scott – yes girls can have male best friends!! Her feisty attitude within journalism and her hilarious decisions in either trying to land the job, get rid off the job, or telling herself that she doesn’t ‘like the guy’. What I like about her as well, she has dreams and is not afraid to follow her dreams or even adjust those for the right reasons. She loves her job and loves what she’s doing and needs someone who can appreciate a woman’s career.
Dexter is a very likeable character – and because I live in UK and I am surrounded by the English accent (I am Dutch) I know what Veronica and her friends felt like when they are subject to his accent – it still makes me melt at times! Dexter certainly made me melt many times – I could’ve done with a bit more romance in the story, but that is not a negative. I just really loved their chemistry and the fact they didn’t fell in love with eachother instantly in the first couple of chapters!
I really liked reading about her female friends and Hal the newsstand person – they all filled their role and made me laugh and giggle loads! It such a feel-good book.

I love dancing and therefore this setting was perfect – I love it that Nic always adds news anchors or presidents use in the books. It makes it quite interesting to learn a bit about the news world or The Morning Show or even the Dance Off show. The story with her dance partner and the sudden appearance of her sister had me cringing (in a good way) and had me rooting more and more for Veronica, and I like it that not every relationship with their siblings is good or will ever be turned back to good.

This book made me feel good – and that was perfect and exactly what I expected from this book with a lovely and good story in between with a lot of very likeable characters! I just wish I met Scott’s wife at some point as well. She probably would’ve made a perfect addition to the story.

I can highly recommend this book to everyone! I will be looking for more books from Nic Tatano!

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