Review: Waiting for Prince Harry – Aven Ellis

80a32-waitingforprinceharrycoverWaiting for Prince Harry – Aven Ellis
Publisher: Soul Mate
Release Date: 1st April 2014
Genre: Humorous Contemporary Romance Standalone Novel

Twenty-four-year-old Kylie Reed has always been a rule follower. Organized and cautious to a fault, her dreams for life are often filed away for future use—when she has a house, when she meets her future husband, when she has been at her visual display job at a chic Dallas boutique longer…Kylie always has a reason for living her life in the future, not in the present, and not living her life to the fullest and reaching her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

The only exception to rules, of course, would be running away with Prince Harry—Kylie’s ideal man. A hot, fun ginger boy would be worth breaking all the rules for, of course. And Kylie is sure Harry just needs the right, centering woman to settle him down. But living in Dallas and not knowing Prince Harry make this a non-option.

Or does it?

Because when Kylie accidentally falls into the lap of a gorgeous ginger boy—yes, even more gorgeous than the real Prince Harry—all bets are off. Could this stranger be the one to show Kylie how to take a chance, to face her fears, and live in the present? And could this stranger be the Prince Harry she has been waiting for? Kylie’s life takes some unexpected twists and turns thanks to this chance encounter, and she knows her life will never be the same because of it…

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My Thoughts

What a fabulous fantastic and Wicked book! This had me giggling, snorting and laughing out loud from page 1! Not many books do that to me ^_^

CTHAKAC = Charlie Thinks Harrison And Kylie Are Cute

Kylie is very organised, like OCD organised! After reading about her Type A organisational skills I was a bit jealous of that skill! At work I am very good – at home I suck… I actually took some her advice on board to file whenever I need filing then leaving it till it takes me a day… Anyways let me get back to the story. Kylie is organised, has got future folders for her house and sewing and has a good idea how her future should look like, including Prince Harry on her side, but she’s not really living in the NOW. She loves doing her quizzes (I loved them at the beginning of each chapter). The wedding where it started was hiliarous especially when she literally falls into the lap of a very nice and hot red-head (I have a thing for red heads hotties… JAMMF hello… anyone??). So I couldn’t be happier when I realised the main character, Harrison, is a cutie redhead!

I wanted sometimes to shake Kylie, in a good way, just so she would stand up for herself a bit more. Some of her colelagues were just trampling all over her, not very nice! I also wish she would stick with her promise to Harrison – to talk about her insecurities and when things got a bit too heated with the media and being in the public eye.

However I did a happy dance and a fist pump when she did finally stood up for herself and started to see herself in the NOW instead of the future!

Harrison – what can I say about Harrison… He’s hot, sexy, loveable, wicked, has a bit of a temper, cute, adorable, makes me grin and swoon and can skate! He needs to believe in himself more and be living and thinking more of the future instead of the NOW! Which makes him and Kylie a very good combination ^_^

Harrison is afraid for the future – what if hockey stops and then what? But with help from Kylie he gains confidence. He fell head over heels for her at their first meeting, when she had no clue who or what he is! And I loved that he was steering her slowly into the now with the changes he was making for the house. I knew instinctively what he was trying to do and loved him even more for it.

They go through their troubles and ups and downs especially when the media and the public eye gets involved. But with their ups and downs they are able to deal with it. It made me realise how fangirling looks like from the outside. And from my point of view. Every fan wants something from you at any time…. So it also has opened a bit of my eyes.

I can highly recommend this funny, funky and hilarious chicklit! Go read, read, read and read it now!


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