Holiday Book Haul

It has been a while since I’ve posted on my blog ^_^ This is because I was on an Epic holiday from Thursday – Monday, We were camping in Shropshire with a bunch of good friends and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves…!

In Bridgnorth, Shropshire, they have quite a few cute and lovely charity shops and I put myself on a book buying ban this month… STUPID! But because it was my holiday and I deserved I was only allowed to buy books I really want. Something I might have been searching for years or something that is quite unique.

Well You can guess… I have bought two books and one of them I have been looking for an unique and different cover for years and I got it!!

Well… here they are!!

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Books at Southbank London

I have the best friends ever! When I was visiting them in London, as a surprise they took me to a massive book market on South bank in London! I was hooked, I drooled, I touched almost every book there was…
I do have to admit I haven’t bought any books there, but I will definitely be coming back with enough space to carry my haul back home. I did took a picture of this fab find.

Thanks girls!