Review Policy

Hi there ^_^

My name is Charlie and I would love any opportunity to review books from authors or publishers and you are able to contact me on

I will post my review on my blog which is connected to my own Facebook Page and Twitter and other social media, so every post will appear on there as well. If you would prefer the review to be posted on other sites, eg Goodreads, Amazon or Barnes & Nobles, please let me know otherwise it will only appear on my blog.

If I receive a book for review that for some reason I’m not able to read or I find it is not to my taste, I will try to find someone who would love to review your book. But if this is not possible the book may go un-reviewed. As I cannot guarantee a review of every book sent to me. Sometimes priorities have to be made and means that my real life will go before my blog at all times. 🙂

At the moment I am reading the following genres:
– Young Adult
– New Adult
– Paranormal Romance
– Contemporary Romance
– Urban Fantasy
– Fantasy
– Dystopian
– Crime Fiction

As you can see I have a broad range of genres I love reading, so please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will try to email you back as soon as possible.


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