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Good morning Coffee

Good morning! Grab a coffee, maybe a biscuit or two and sit down and enjoy my first blog post in a new series called Non-Bookish chat. I will take you through my ‘exciting’ life from the past week…. Why did I put excited between brackets? Well… it is because I do work full time so when things might look exciting to me, it might just be a hmpf moment for someone else haha!
Why would I like to chat to you about non-bookish things on a bookblog? Well it is because I think I have lots to share or at least let you know my thoughts and feelings about what I encounter on a daily basis. I am after all still a Dutch citizen living for the past 7 years in the UK and for the past 3 years here in Aldershot, the home of the Military!

But I feel like I am almost losing your attention already, so let’s get to it!


Thursday I made my Meatballs – yes meatballs! What is so special about them? Well I made them from scratch on my own recipe with some help from Blond Amsterdam cooking book – these are called Gran’s Meatballs! I made these with 500gr mincemeat, 70% pork and 30% beef, throw in some milk, egg, breadcrumbs, onion and garlic and voila you have created these amazing meatballs! The smells were amazing and the approving sounds from 2 squaddies made my day ^_^


Saturday morning I also noticed that this – hanging your duvet to air out a window – is a Dutch tradition. Please correct me if I’m wrong… but I have never ever seen anyone doing this in the UK other than… erm… me! I do wonder how others air their duvets…. Any ideas? Let me know in the comments!

wpid-20150711_183009.jpg wpid-20150711_191059.jpg

Saturday evening I was invited to join my best mate’s family on the the R.A.T Train (Real Ale Train) that is a steam train where you can basically sit and enjoy the ride, departing from Alton and returning to Alton. This was quite an experience I have to say! I bought myself a lovely pint glass to remember this trip by – luckily for me there was also Cider…. I don’t really like or drink Real Ale! I know…. haha!
The view was lovely, we went from Alton to Arlesford to Alton and back again. An experience as in walking through the train to get your ales, to watching people juggle food and drinks back and forth as well. But also the people who can’t… really… hold their booze! People hanging out of the windows to either smoke or throw up… and those same people waggling on the platform with their friends trying to guide them away from the train and this guy stubbornly wanting to get back on! Hilarious! They were a good sport and gave us some more free pint vouchers ^_^
The pints were only £2, the glass a fiver. This is definitely something worth doing if you are able to. Bring plenty of snacks with you – because you can enjoy it more when you keep snacking and eating whilst drinking 😉
wpid-20150711_195307.jpg wpid-20150711_203127.jpg

And last but not least – I have enjoyed watching the Wimbledon final today! I love tennis and I love Wimbledon – I have a couple of favourites: Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Hewitt, Murray. But the final was today between the seed #1, Djokovic, and the seed #2, Federer. I love watching both play, but my loyalty lies with Federer.


It was an amazing and thrilling final with some amazing plays from both sides… I was really rooting for Federer, but Novak Djokovic has won the final in 4 sets. I loved it and one day, one day I will be at the final somewhere in the audience at Wimbledon.

Congratulations Novak! Well earned! And Roger Federer, see you next year at Wimbledon!

Djokovic win

Well I hope you enjoyed my first Non-Bookish post about things that have happened in my life – or my experiences etc or just random things that I love sharing with you, which are not… surprise, surprise… non-bookish!

Bye for now – Charlie

4 thoughts on “Non-Bookish chat

  1. Hoi Lief Dinnetje!
    Wat een leuke post. ^_^
    Hihi die trein klinkt leuk joh, als we ooit weer eens bij jou zijn dan willen we dat ook wel eens doen zo’n tochtje. Nemen we oude kaas en lekkers mee. Hihi, vast ook een Nederlander die dat dekbed buiten heeft hangen, of gewoon een ouder iemand. Dat is toch niet iets typisch NLligs?
    En thanx, door jou heb ik nu in de ochtend gewoon al zin in gehaktballen! 😛
    Kusssss, ben benieuwd naar je volgende Non-Bookish post. ^_~
    Liefs, Mijntje.


    • Haha dat was mijn dekbed haha!!
      Tijden en dage staan op hun website…. dus kan altijd ruim van te voren plannen om langs te komen. Was supergaaf!

      Kussies xxx


  2. Hi Charlie, great post! Love the duvet idea but we’re on the ground floor in a busy street so it probably would look a bit odd. By the way – you’re duty bound to support Andy Murray (my fellow Scot!) as you’re living in the UK. It’s official, honestly…I’m on a post-Wimbledon slump too today! Oh well back to real life…!


    • haha It might look odd indeed 🙂 YOu can always give it a go 🙂

      hahaha Unless Murray plays against a Dutch national or plays against Federer… otherwise he will have my support ^_^

      Post-wimbledon slump…. is being taken away by binge watching Once upon a time on Netflix


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